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Amy Hoeweler-Pedoto, President

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I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Psychology and completed the graduate program in Behavior Analysis at the University of Cincinnati. I have nine years of experience working in Behavioral Health and have six years of experience volunteering at a local school for children with learning differences. Before opening ABA Solutions, I was the BCBA-COBA Supervisor of Therapy at an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Clinic in Cincinnati.
I am from Cincinnati and live in Mason, Ohio with my husband and four children. I love traveling to Hawaii, Disney World, and consider it my personal privilege to help guide your family on your individual journey with ASD.
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The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.

                                                                                 Walt Disney


Katherine Palmisano


I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. During the summers, as I was working towards my degree, I discovered my passion of working with children on the spectrum. After graduating, I became an RBT and have loved it ever since. I enjoy traveling, hiking with my dog, and spending time with my family and friends.

Carrie Standley


I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in the College of Health and Human Services. I have been working in the education world for 16 years in both general and Special Education as a teacher and Instructional Aide. The last 7 years, I have specialized in ASD as a RBT leading small group instruction and 1:1 direct therapy. I am an energetic person who loves to teach and play at the same time. I enjoy cooking , gardening, and traveling with my three lovely children.

Christian Pedoto

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I am a Sophomore at Miami University: Oxford studying Psychology. I hope to pursue a graduate degree in Behavior Analysis and become a BCBA. I first fell in love with working with children while completing my service requirement at The Seven Hills Upper School. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, baseball, and the trumpet.

Erin Barnhill


I graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in International Business. I have spent this past year doing mission work in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Gainesville, Georgia! With these opportunities, I have had the chance to work and engage with people from all walks of life and have found my love for helping others deepen tremendously. I love to bake, sing, play the keys, stay active and hang out with my friends and family whenever I can. I am super excited for all the new adventures yet to come and to have the opportunity to work with children at ABA Solutions!

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Following college, I worked as an Instructional Assistant in a special education classroom. I have five years’ experience working directly in the home providing respite care to families with children with ASD. Before becoming an RBT, I was an elementary teacher for six years. I love children and have a soft spot for those on the spectrum.

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